Quality Policies

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As the NG Hotels Management and Employees, it is our responsibility to:

*Set strategies and implement them accordingly to ensure that our guests requests, expectations, needs and complaints are investigated and resolved in a timely manner;

*Be aware that we are fully responsible for the quality of the products and services we offer;

*Provide services in accordance with our brand standards and immediately and efficiently resolve any issues that might arise;

*Provide our employees with the necessary resources, knowledge and training to improve their awareness in the areas of quality assurance, customer-oriented approaches, environmental awareness and occupational safety and food safety standards.

*Ensure that food, occupational health and safety standards are adhered to in a hygienic and appropriate setting, adhering to legal rules and regulations without causing damage to the environment. In situations that are not within the parameter of the law, investigate and implement the optimal practical solutions based on our knowledge and experience.

*Fulfill our services and amenities without being wasteful or causing damage to the environment;

*Continuously strive to understand our environment better and take the necessary technical or economic precautions to avoid potential problems;

*Identify and reduce Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety risks to a minimum and set contingency plan procedures to handle unexpected situations;

* As the management, execute plans for the health and occupational safety of our employees on an on-going basis;

*Ensure that our business partners’ practices are of the highest quality and environmentally safe and reliable;

*Identify the quantifiable objectives of Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety procedures and compare the results with the objectives and review our methods on a regular basis.

*Ensure that we create an environment where our employees and business partners are encouraged to voice their concerns and issues regarding their responsibilities about the execution of Occupational Health and Safety principles;

*Ensure that operations that affect quality standards are quantifiable and evaluate results and continue to improve the Integrated Management System on an on-going basis.