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Rebuild, Restore, Relax, Rejuvenate, Renew, Rebalance, Reconnect, Rejoice, Reboot, Reload, Replenish

Our programs have been developed according to personal needs and o_er far more than just a spa vacation: the emphasis of the programs is on detoxifying, reducing fluid retention or edema, reducing stress and anti-aging. Each one of the 3 main programs that our professional wellness team has prepared targets the total health and well-being of the mind, body and soul: one is sure to be the right program for you.


Four Pillars of NG Wellness NG Sapanca is only a one-hour car ride from Istanbul and is surrounded by thousands of documented well-preserved trees and foliage located in the heart of a pristine, expansive and lush forest in Sapanca. This extraordinary property was designed and developed to o_er high- quality nuances in a lovely natural environment… Just imagine a tranquil and peaceful verdant forest, birds chirping melodically and crystal clear unpolluted blue skies. In fact, this might actually be the first time that you are strongly experiencing true from the hustle and bustle of a fast paced city existence. Welcome to serenity.

NG Wellness Programları İle

Purify your body from toxins.


Meet organic, healthy, real foods.


Connect with your essence in nature.

Experience the awareness of the moment.


Get the care you deserve with massages and treatments.

Restore your body, mind, soul balance again.

Learn from the experts about the life-long wellness experience.

Get away from your bad habits and your unhealthy routine.